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Release Date Info!



A lot of you have been asking when you’re going to be able to play the final version of MASSIVE CHALICE now that September has come and gone. It’s going to take some more time to get you the highest quality game possible, but it’s already in a fun, playable state! We want to get it in your hands as soon as we can!

If you backed at the $50 tier (or higher!) to get in on MASSIVE CHALICE early, you’ll get access to the PC version of the game via Steam on Tuesday, October 21st! We’re referring to this build as the PREMIUM BACKER BETA!

We’re looking forward to gathering a ton of feedback from you. The best way to submit that feedback is to head over to the MASSIVE CHALICE FORUMS and make an account if you don’t already have one. We’re super excited to see what you guys think of the game! :D!